Timberland City Blazer

Timberland City Blazer

The long awaited Summer boot!

Thursday, December 22, 2016 — Timberland’s boot-making expertise stretches out across the seasons with the introduction of the bold CityBlazer: transforming a cold-weather staple into a lightweight, summer silhouette ready for the urban landscape. Ever the modernisers, Timberland respond to calls for a high boot that could function during the warmer months, providing the look and feel of classic Timberland boots without the weight and bulk. Reliable and rugged, the CityBlazer channels the DNA of the brand into a responsive, style-lead collection with a contemporary outlook.

An advanced design relies on advanced innovation; the CityBlazer employs two key developments to create this summer-ready boot. Firstly, to produce an amazingly light boot the sole has been completely transformed. Made up of 50% air, an ultra-lightweight injection moulded midsole meets a comfortable and adaptable high rebound PU compound and a tough, grooved outsole for a stable ride. Each step delivered with ease and flexibility.

Secondly, in line with Timberland’s commitment to sustainability, the company calls on Thread, a Haiti-based organisation crafting high-quality, ethical cloths from recycled materials, “Responsible fabric from ground to good.” Transforming discarded bottles into durable cloths, Thread provides jobs, creates income opportunities and encourages cleaner neighbourhoods. Timberland have applied its pioneering products across the Summer 2017 collection, the CityBlazer making use of their durable, washed canvas in six colours including grey and olive, perfect paired with summer chinos or lightweight denim.

An authentic Timberland boot to its very core, the CityBlazer transforms the summer footwear market with a product that combines style, functionality and sustainability in a truly contemporary package.